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Dubai Tourist Visa


    Families / Single Ladies and Couples



  1. Passport First and last page Colour Scan,
  2. One White Background Photo
  3. Confirmed Air Ticket 


Step 1

Scan above mention Documents-Send to

Step 2

  • You will get Confirmation by Phone or Email 

Step 3

 You can Transfer payment to our Bank

    Single Gents Traveling

  1.  Passport First and last page Colour Scan,
  2. One White Background Photo
  3. Last 2 year IT Return of Form 16, or Scan copy of past Travel History
  4. Confirmed Air Ticket 
  5. Send to
  6. Dubai Tourist Visa Rates


    Type of Visa
    96 Hours visa *
    Rs- 4500/-
    30 days Tourist Visa
    Rs- 6500/- above 4 Pax Rs 6000/- Each
    90 Days Single entry Tourist Convertible Visa
    Rs - 18000/-
    90 Days Tourist Visa Multiple Entry
    Rs- 40000/-
    30 days Urgent service in one day
    Rs - 8500/-



    Processing Time 4 to 6 Working Days ( Friday Holiday )


Visa fees is non refundable in case of Visa Rejection

Important Note :

  • Passport must be more than 6 months validity
  • If Passport have ECR Seal Ok to Board is Must on all Airlines,
  • OK TO BOARD Charges is INR 500/- if applicable
  • Ok to Board must be reminded us 2 Working days before departure date,
  •  The visa fees are non-refundable in case of any cancellation
  • Visa Approval is Subject to Dubai Emigration
  • * For 96 hours visa we require Emirates up and down tickets and the exit should be to any country other than home country.

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